#Burnetgrateful – Part 1

The school that two of our kiddos is going to currently has put out a Gratitude Challenge to their staff for the month of November that I decided to get involved in just because I can.

It’s been a fun start, as of when I’m writing this post, as we’ve already done 11/4-11/6 which I’ll post in a moment, but I thought for my own sanity, I’d post the rest here so I can copy and paste the rest over as the time comes.

What are you doing to focus on Thanksgiving this year? Comment and let me know!

November 4, 2019

This is what keeps me going, keeps me fighting, keeps me loving the countless other children we’ve met over the years. My wife and kids…always giving, always loving, always full of grace!

November 5, 2019

Continuing with the “Gratitude Challenge” our kids’ school put out to their staff (but I had to join because I can), today we’re supposed to post about something that made me laugh today.

Well in the twisted humor that is my family and our love for Star Trek, here’s “Let It Go” in Klingon courtesy of my brother’s trolling the internet!

November 6, 2019

Big Spring, TX has a population of ~27,500 and it’s still smaller than the foster care population in Texas. This is my why!

November 7, 2019

I don’t have many friends who have lasted longer than a few years. Moves, changing personalities, changing beliefs, even deaths have caused many friendships to fizzle and fade. But there is a couple of friend, who I met in school, who’ve always been there, always been ready to fight and pray, and who I know would move heaven and earth should the need come.

We don’t see each other often, there can be literal years between conversations, but when we are able to visit/get together it’s like the time between didn’t matter. These are those God-sent friends I’m thankful for, those God-sent people in my life who I look forward to making up for lost time with when we’re through with our work here on earth.

Matt, Amanda, Johnny, I don’t get to say it enough, but for all the hell we’ve been through and will meet together in the future, thank you and I love each of you as the brothers and sister God ordained you to be in my life!

November 8, 2019

I freaking love Lighthouses, even though I’ve never had the chance to visit one. Just the symbolism of a lighthouse brings me peace, comfort and joy!

It can stand for the trinity, God who builds and maintains the structure, Jesus who lights the way, and the Holy Spirit who called out in the dark fog.

It can be a symbol of hope for those lost in a storm. Follow it’s light and you’ll find safe harbor.

It can be a memorial for those who sacrificed so much to leave the legacy we live today.

That is why I chose the symbol of the Lighthouse as the symbol for our home. We strive to fulfill the mission God gave us by loving, caring for, teaching, and offering safety to those (shown here by a sailboat for each) who need shelter from the storms in life they can’t control.

This is my happy place. Loving those who need us today so they have a chance at a better tomorrow!

November 11, 2019

Today, I’m supposed to write about a colleague which I’m always learning from. That colleague in my case is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. She has fought through so much to be the person she is today. She’s beaten cancer, handles arthritis which would have long ago landed me in a nursing home with grace every day, and love our children with the same fierceness of any woman who’s had their children naturally.

Each day she shows me a new way to push through when I know all she wants to really do is sleep off the pain. Each day she finds a new way to love a child who doesn’t know how to love her back. Each day she takes time to learn something she didn’t know the day before.

She’s made me a better man, and she’s still working on me today, tomorrow, and until God says she’s done the job she’s meant to do. She is my colleague in our unconventional work and I’m lucky enough to also call her my wife!

November 12, 2019

Burnet is the first grade school I’ve had children enrolled in during our journey through foster care. Luckily we stuck gold with a faculty and staff who love our kids and are fighting to make sure they have the best leg up they could possibly have. I just want to say thanks to each of you for all your work, your love, and your grace for our girls as they walk this journey with us.

November 13, 2019


Thank you for accepting me as your other dad! I love your goofiness, your loving characters, and getting to watch you grow while you are here with us. I know your time with us is just for a moment, but I will treasure it in my heart forever. And you may legally only be a foster daughter, but in my heart you will forever be my God-given daughter. No matter where you go in life, you have a seat at our table, a pillow to lay your head, and a shoulder to cry on when life gets hard. I love you both!


To Be Continued

Well the next few posts are hard to do ahead of time, so I’ll stop here for now and continue when we get to those actual days and revisit this topic next Thursday.

Join the fun, comment one those things your are grateful for and let’s inspire each other to look for the Blessings God is doing in our lives this season!

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