The Case for…Selfish Prayers

Our culture has become one that prays for each other, and that’s a good thing. But where does that leave us and our individual relationship with God? How can we know God’s direction for our lives if we aren’t having a conversation with Him on a personal level.

Put it into this perspective. The church we attend has about 150-200 people in attendance each week. It’s tiny in the grand scheme of things which makes it easy for our pastor and staff to know every person by name and spot visitors when they come.

Then there’s Pastor Steven Furtick who’s sermons I love to listen to each week. The church he’s pastor of is on multiple sites, in multiple cities and boasts an attendance of 26,000 each week not counting podcast listeners. While I’m sure Steven would love to know each person, it’s impossible for a human so he really only knows those who approach him.

On the flip-side, our local pastor and I have a great relationship with a lot of give and take on our views, beliefs, and the occasional (every four seconds) dad pun.

Yet all I know about Steven comes from the podcast I listen to. I’ve never met him, never talked to him, couldn’t tell you anything about him other than He’s the pastor of Elevation church and is an energetic preacher. Where my local pastor knows what I collect, my kids names, and my spouse, Steven couldn’t point me out on the street if he had to!

While for my local pastor, knowing everyone is easier because the size is smaller, in Steven’s case he only knows those who make an effort to talk to him, to work with him, and do more than just be in the crowd.

God wants this of us in our relationship with him. Oh, it’s easy to sit in church, sunday school, and our small groups and let others pray for us. It’s a way we don’t have to really do the work yet are still a part of the process.

But God longs to hear you! He longs to have a relationship with you! He sent His Son to die for you!

So step out of the crowd, make some noise, be a bit selfish and voice your needs, your desires, your fears. You might just find out that when you do, He’ll move mountains to meet those where you are.

Praying for yourself, praying alone, praying to be set apart from the crowd isn’t selfish, it’s relationship building! I don’t know about you, but I crave, I need that relationship!

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