Earning Respect – Unplugged

Ok, so if you know me, you know that I’m part Borg! I always have my laptop, phone, or some other electric device in my hand and when I don’t I tend to have a bit of an anxiety attack.

What is funny about that is that I SEVERELY limit the screen time I allow our kids to have. Phone are out of the question, even for the 10-year-old in our care right now, TV is limited to short bursts and most of that’s in the car on trips, and we don’t have tablets at all. I just feel they need to learn to relate to one another and to imagine vs. see things laid out in animation for them.

So what I’m writing about tonight is as much a challenge to myself, as it is a thought provoking blog for you.

Focusing on Who Here

If we are going to place our Family First, then we have to be present in the moments we spend with them. That means when we sit down at the table as a family, we need to leave the phone on the kitchen counter, turn off the TV, and focus on our those people we love the most.

Think about it this way, how can we convey how important our kids, our spouse is in our lives if we ask them, “How was your day?” and before they can answer you are engrossed in the latest YouTube video? How do we expect them to give us their attention when we’d rather look into the abyss of 1’s and 0’s vomiting out of the internet from our phones?

So stop reading this mess, shut off whatever screen your using, and go be with your family. Pull out those old board games, go for a walk, do something that’s unplugged for an hour. You might find out the stories your kids have to tell are far more entertaining than that cat sleeping in a tree!

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