James – Intro to the Study

I love the book of James. Many have called it the blueprint for Christian living, a book on Faith and Action, the Nuts and Bolts of our Faith.

It’s a great book to go to as a step in learning how we should live and act as Christians right down to the fact that it not so subtly teaches perhaps the most important aspect of this life without even stating it.

As James is writing, there’s one thing to note. He does not mince words! The Book of James is perhaps one of the more blunt books in the bible, and I freaking love that!

And who would know better that we shouldn’t shrink away from our beliefs, we shouldn’t be politically correct in our speech than the one who lived, played, and was the brother to Christ himself? His childhood had to be like Bernam growing up with Spock!

So next week we’ll jump into this book and study the word directly verse by verse. And if you are really lucky, I’ll find a way to tie all seven of the live-action Star Trek series into this study.

But then again…

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