Thank You For Giving To the Lord

All of us have someone who is the reason we came to know Christ.  That one person who gives or gave their all to help others see Him, know Him, and love Him. That one person who their impact in our lives left a lasting impression we look back on with joy and thankfulness.

For many of us, without that one soul, we would have never known Christ, never turned our back on our sin. Until they spoke, they loved us in that perfect moment, we simply didn’t get it.

And I wonder, how many times have we missed the moment that would pass it on?

Fleeting And Unexpected

As I think back to the moment and I know that it wasn’t planned, it wasn’t a premeditated moment in time for that person who I love and remember so well. They just happened to be hearing the spirit, have an open heart, and welcome the gift of being there when God needed them in my life.

And it’s a lesson I didn’t see for years, but this is perhaps a more important thing to remember from the day than them being there to guide me in the moment. They were WILLING and OPEN to do so. Where would I be had they not been?

Where have I left countless by not following their example? Where have I missed the being on the other side of the blessing?

Oh to those who’ve been there in those moments, thanking you takes on a deeper, more personal meaning as I think of how easily you could’ve looked the other way.

I’m glad you saw me, loved me, guided me.

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