Foster Care Grief – Intro

There isn’t any part of foster care that you can be involved in while avoiding grief. Oh you’ll enter this ministry thinking you won’t be affected, but then that first call will come and your heart will break!

The nature of supporting children in crisis will do that to you, and that’s OK! We have to be willing to endure that pain for them to show them how to live!

But we cannot do it alone. We have to take the time to work through the pain we experience, to learn to cope with the loss, the hurt, and the loneliness or it will eat us alive!

So starting next week we will focus on the various things we find ourselves grieving in foster care. I plan to take each stage of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance and cycle through them as we look into ourselves and this ministry we love to hurt for.

I welcome your requests, your comments, and your experiences as we walk together through this study. Foster Care takes a community, we must support, love and walk this journey together.

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