Parades, Festivals, Candy, Costumes, and Chaos…Must Be Halloween!

Well we woke up on the 25th to kick off the Halloween festivities with a nice brisk 32 degree morning and a North wind of 15mph. Yesterday, I made fun of how people reacted to that, but the day went on and things got warmer so we got back to the planned activities once Texas reopened around noon.

Neighborhood Parade

The first planned activity of the week was our neighborhood’s Halloween Parade. This is our first year in the ‘hood so we really didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised to see a good portion of our neighbors either participating in the parade or out to watch it go by. Costumes, music, lights, candy, and lots of laughter and friendly conversation was had that evening.

It’s one of the things I hope we are able to continue in our little neighborhood as it continue to grow. There’s a real sense of community here in this small area of the city and it’s nice to see in a day-and-age where people lean more to fighting, putting one another down or being rude to one another.

Church’s Fall Festival

Saturday we cheated out of things because we knew that we would be heading into a marathon of activities, appointments, school, and other things required of those in foster care this week. Sunday, though kicked it all off with our church’s fall festival!

Our church is small, between the two services each Sunday morning, we might average around two hundred people on Sunday Mornings. What we lack in size, we make up for when it comes to having fun! We gather weekly to share a meal together on Wednesday evenings before bible study. We have Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas services, and we host a Fall Festival.

Now before you get all bent out of shape because we are “supporting Halloween” remember, it was the Christians who took the idea from the Celts in the first place! Yes today’s Halloween is a bit more perverse than those early Christians meant for it to be, but the root of the day is to celebrate and have fun. For churches, this is the perfect opportunity to open our doors, give folks a safe environment to gather and enjoy being a community, we take it and use it to minister, to open doors, and hopefully through these firsts conversations, bring people to the Lord!

For our kids, this is also an opportunity to get them together with siblings placed outside our home. They don’t always get to see one another during the week, so getting them together on the weekends if vital and doing so where they can be kids…bonus!

And I want to through an aside in here. Please do what you can to build family relationships. Be it siblings torn apart by broken marriages, cousins who just don’t get enough time together or the relationships between you, your spouse and your own kids, our children NEED these relationships so they can better learn how to cope, deal, and form healthy relationships outside of the family.

The Agency’s Festival

Our agency held their first fall festival on Monday, at least the first for our community. I love when we can get together with out foster families because we all speak the same language! All of our kids have gone through trauma, all of our kids have certain and specific needs, so this festival was totally geared for them! Plus, it’s a place I know they are safe because we all look out for each other when we are together!

And this is where the costumes really began to get fun. The kinks were worked out last night and now everyone’s used to the masks, makeup, and other weirdness of a Halloween costume. So I, dressed as a Sloth, my wife wearing a t-shirt with the phrase, “This is my costume” (because she’s BORING!), three superheroes, Princess Jasmine, Princess Red and Morticia walked, played and gathered candy like we were the bad kids at Willy Wonka’s Factory!

Guess it’s time to teach them all that great, after Halloween song everyone will be singing soon:

And Now It’s Halloween

As this entry posts, we are heading out one more time to gather candy. Buckets attached at the hips, wagon for unloading in tow!

If your in my ‘hood and are reading this, think Reeses!

Happy Halloween my friends! Be safe, be smart, and enjoy the first of three gluttonously sinful days of the Holiday Season!

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