Who’s Afraid Of The Big Blue Norther

Well it’s happened. On October 25, Texas recieved the first real Blue Norther of the 2019-2020 Fall/Winter season. Where we live in West Texas, we woke up to 32 degrees, a brisk North Wind and clear skies. Amarillo and surrounding areas saw the first snow of the season. Austin, our state capital, was a balmy 44 degrees with winds as well, what we in West Texas call Tuesday in December!

It’s awesome! Finally a break from the 100-120 degree weather, the first natural signs Christmas is getting close, and a breath of fresh air for us fat people. And yet everywhere you turn…

I’m not kidding!

One of our kids was supposed to go on a field trip this morning to a local nursery. A trip that would have been really fun and had I personally had a bit more time, I would have volunteered for in hopes of some new plantings for the garden.


My cousin in Austin spent the morning getting ready to go out to a Pumpkin Patch/Halloween Festival with her kids. Kids in costumes, ready for a day of fun, candy, and prizes and she gets online only to find that due to weather, the pumpkin patch was


I mean really people, it’s cold! For a day! That’s why designers, seamstresses, and more work so hard to make COATS! (On sale now at Target, Amazon, Walmart, heck even the Dollar Store!)


What you are going to do when winter actaully gets here? HIBERNATE???!!!???!!!

I’m Going To Sound Like My Grandfather Here

It wasn’t that long ago that a little cold weather wouldn’t have meant you stayed home. No it would’ve meant you get your butt out of bed earlier, when it’s colder, to cut firewood, check on those homebound neighbors, and check on the animals to make sure they had food and water.

Now when cold weather is talked about we text grandma, flip a switch to light the fire place and after we’ve through an electric heater into the stock tanks our animal drink from and tie warm blankets on the sheep we’re waiting to sheer so they don’t get too cold, we shutter the house like it’s the apocolyspe!

And by the way…what idiot decided throw an electrical heater into water??? Evidentally he’s never spilled coffee on his laptop!

You make me cry people! Really, I’m scared to see what’s going to happen the first time the next generation has a real problem.

Trust me it won’t be the same reaction we got when my great-grandparents faced theirs!