The Martian’s Suicide Awareness

So I’m laying here, waiting on kids to go to sleep, looking up the random holidays each day has, thinking about where we are on the calendar and trying to come up with an idea to fill a date on the blog calendar.

It’s October 27th, the 300th day of the year…boring.

It’s Navy day! Sweet and please to all our Navy past and present, thank you for everything you’ve done. To their families, your amazing. One day I’ll do justice to really honoring you and the other branches of our military, but in noting this day of celebration something else caught my eye.

Context Moment

Now before we get to what it was that caught my eye, let me set a couple of expectations for you.

I’m freaking exhausted! It has not only been a long day of fighting issue with our autistic son, but we’ve had a lot going on the last few weeks personally.

It’s nothing a good massage and some sleep won’t fix, but that’s not today so I’m simpled out.  So, please forgive me for what comes next!

Simple Mind’s Warped Humor

On the same website where I found that it’s Navy Day, I noted something just above and below that bullet.

It is National Potato Day.

It is also Sylvia Plath Day.

LAnd my mind goes there. In my warped, tired brain I see and image of Sylvia using four potatoes as a pillow as she takes her final nap.

See why I apologized?!?!?

oThankfully, “The Martian” is playing in the background and I can twist this into something that isn’t totally messed up.

oCome Out From Under The Rock!

kIn case you haven’t noticed with all the ghosts, gobblins and such in the streets, the pumpkin spice lattes everywhere you turn (even Pumpkin Spice SPAM…REALLY!?!?), and Hobby Lobby looking like Santa’s overflow garage, the holiday are here!

While many of these days are filled with celebrations, fun, laughter, and joy, many people have a rough go at things this time of the year.

Whether it’s celebrating the holidays for the first time after loosing a loved one, being unable to enjoy them due to illness or the loss of a job, or simply being alone when everyone seems to be surrounded by loved ones, the holiday are rough of many people. Sadly this goes unnoticed far too often leading to a rise in depression and suicide.

While I pray we all become more aware of those around us and look out for one another this year, I want to take a moment to talk to those of us who battle lonliness, sadness, and loss during the holidays. While I hope that each of us are more aware of those around us this holiday and work to spread love where ever we can, I want to talk to those of us who battle lonliness, loss, and sadness this time of year.

The fire of that pain isn’t going away. It’ll constantly be there and you have two choices when it comes to what to put in that fire. You can either laydown and let it burn you to a crisp, or you can throw some potatoes in that fire and make some lunch!

Look for something, anything that you can do to be not only productive, but to help yourself. If you are lonely, volunteer at a soup kitchen and then also take time to visit with those coming for meals. If you sad, join a choir, take dance lessons, go to Zumba, do something to get yourself moving! If you are dealing with loss, focus on those you still have here with you, odds are they are battling the same thing!And if all else fails, get help! Call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 anytime day or night. Phone a friend or even go to the hospital and ask for help! There is no shame to be had, we all have those moments at some point!

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