Earning Respect – The Problem

Turn on the news, read an online newsfeed, talk to pretty much anyone you meet or even, dare I say it, pick up a newspaper, and you’ll find at least one story of a child committing a crime, vandalizing something or worse. Our children have lost respect for everything, their parents, their teachers, the police, even themselves in many cases.

With that lack of respect, teenage pregnancy is rising, school shootings are more frequent, the dropout rate is through the roof, and honestly I don’t know if children in the next couple of generations will even be able to dress themselves if this trend continues.

So how do we fix the problem? How do we re-earn the respect our children once had?

It Starts At Home

Children are giant mirrors to what they see, what they hear, and what they see us doing. How can we expect them to even know what respect is if we don’t show them?

So if we want to earn respect, we must do so by giving it! We must earn it not by demanding it, but by showing them we care enough about them, about our spouses, and about others to give respect when it’s due.

No that doesn’t mean we let them walk over us, it doesn’t mean we just give it freely. What this means is that we give them the opportunity to earn respect. We make an effort to show them how we respect our spouses, our coworkers, and others and the consequences when that respect has to be taken back because of a mistake or choice.

So lets talk about that for a bit. Let’s look at how we can earn the respect of our children, by teaching them, and ourselves, where respect comes from.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at ways we can earn repsect, opportunities to show respect, and how confiendce and self-respect will pour out into other areas of not only their lives, but our own as well. Join me on this journey. Chime in, share your experiences as well and let’s show the world how just a few people can spread the gift of respect like wildfire!

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