Just As You Are

My wife and I, when we started this journey, decided to take a leap of faith. We decided that we would accept the placement of whatever call came in because we knew that that child, this moment, that need, and our answering the phone were ordained by God long before the moment arrived. We decided to make this work a mission, accepting that God would move the mountains of CPS, our agency, and events to put us where we needed to be for who needed us in those moments.

And seventeen children later, we haven’t wavered. In fact I’m pretty sure that over half of the last eight have started coming before our agency actually called to let us know simply because they know we won’t say no to anyone.

And yes, I know there are many foster parents out there looking at this like, “Are you insane?”

Maybe. But we’ll get to that one day.

They Didn’t Choose Me

The fact of the matter is, children are in foster care because of decisions made by their parents, an investigator from DFPS, the courts, and other factors they have absolutely no control over. They don’t want to be in my house, looking at my ugly face, and hearing me tell them everything is going to be ok.

No if they had a choice, 99.9% of them would want to go right back home to whatever mess they just left so they could be with their mom and dad because no matter what’s brought them here, I’ll never, and shouldn’t be their first choice.

So how do I dare have the audacity to think I can look at them, hear a few tidbit of info that is probably wrong in the first place and say, “No, send them somewhere else.”? How could I dare do something that would ever make them think that they aren’t good enough, special enough, or beautiful enough to be welcomed in my home?

I don’t have that right! I’m called to love, to care for, to nourish, but I am never called to judge!

I Will Be Here

And I mean that. I pray daily that I will never loose contact with the seventeen who’ve been here or those yet to come. I want to see them grow and become men and women. I want to see them overcome. I want them to know I’m here, I’m willing, and I’m always praying for them.

They will always be welcome, always have a seat at my table and I will always have one extra bed tucked away for them to lay their head in a time of struggle.

God brought them to me. God asked me to care for them for a season and when I’m lucky, for a lifetime.

If I’m to be like Christ, then I also must be here to the end as well.


My forever prayer, no matter where our children go, what choices they make, is that they will know Jesus before it’s all said and done.

It’s been a long tradition of ours to have Sunday Dinner with my in-laws, sister’s family and whoever is in town that weekend. It’s something the kids look forward to, something I look forward to, and something we will continue long into heaven.

But in Heaven, the table will be MUCH bigger. The meals will be much more grand, and the family will include people I’ll never meet this side of those gates!

My yes now leads me to suppertime tomorrow. A suppertime where my God-made family will worship our Father together!

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