Red Ribbon Week

A little housekeeping to do here.

A couple of weeks ago I had put out on my Socials that I was going to do a series call “That Not So Silent Night” as we came into the Christmas Season. Well, life’s happened and I haven’t been able to do that series the justice I would like, so I’m pushing it back a year to the 2020 Christmas Season.

Also, I’m working on building up my presense online and will be sharing new socials for this blog in the coming weeks. I hope you’ll follow/share my blog anywhere you can as I hope to grow this blog into something far more than it is now in the coming months.

For those of you already following the blog. Thank you! It means a lot that my idiotic ramblings are making a diffence somewhere. And to the couple of you who are food bloggers…YOUR MAKING ME HUNGRY!

Does anyone else thing that Red Ribbon Week is someone’s way of getting to dress up for a week instead of a day at Halloween AND spend extra money buy multiple costumes rather than one? I mean how else do you explain a campaign to prevent drugs that make our children dress up like drug addicts?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for any program that helps our kids see how ridiculous they would look high on drugs. I’m for any program that speaks to the dangers of drugs. But do they have to torture us with the crazy dress up ideas? And if they do, can all the schools get on the same page so I don’t have to remember to send Thing 17 to school with crazy sock puppets while Things 14 and 15 need to dress up like the Texas Flag?

Oh but it gets worse. My kids are in care which means we have visits with family, counseling, visits from case workers and CASA memebers who may or may not be away that today was Crazy Hair Day, or PJ day and are wondering why one child looks like they lost a battle with a lawn mower and the next looks like I didn’t make them get dressed before school this morning!

So just a PSA here to all my family and friends, case workers and CASA advocates. Please, please don’t judge me this week! The schools made me do whatever the poor child is wearing today. I promise, once Red Ribbon Week and Halloween is over we will go back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Wait, what? National Author’s Day…They want you to dress up as What?!?! Then they are doing a week long celebration of Veterans day, with a different military theme each day?? And this year they’ve added a day to honor the new U.S. SPACEFORCE?!?!?!?!

Well crap!

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